Unbinding the Demon
Unbinding the Demon
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After spending five millennia imprisoned and bound in The Abyss, the demon Azathoth is finally released by a valiant sorceress. Now he must convince the only girl who can seemingly unbind his powers to do just that before his time runs out. His plan? He'll just have to make her fall in love with him. ***WARNING*** This book is intended for 18+ readers. It contains LOTS of explicit smutty sex scenes, mature language, mild drug use, violence, and gore.
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I like to mix romantic comedy with erotic horror to create weird and quirky paranormal stories, which I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I've enjoyed writing them. ❤︎ You can check out my patreon for early updates and other nifty things. :) ~Book statues~ •Unbinding the Demon: Complete/Unedited •Illuminating the Dark Prince: Ongoing/Unedited •Tears of the Moon: Ongoing/Unedited •Starfire and The Lich King: Coming soon •The Vampires' Mistress: Coming soon