Viking Bloodlines Saga: Passion (1 - beta)
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What happens when two Viking Gods are reincarnated into modern-day Boston? With no memory of their former lives, can they fall in love all over again? Can they defeat the team of Valkyries sent to keep them apart? This is no ordinary love story. Follow Markus, a no-nonsense and emotionally unavailable businessman as he unravels after a chance meeting in a coffee shop. His sharp eye and perfectionist qualities have no problem immediately picking out the casual and somewhat dishevelled appearance of the nurse ahead of him in the queue. However, what he could never be prepared for, is the history he already shares with this unlikely man and the fact that Fate is working hard to bring them back together. Faron, however, has a secret that could unlock everything, but each time he bumps into the inimitable businessman he feels unable to breathe, to speak, or to move. Read Viking Bloodlines Saga: Passion to discover how they grow to know one another and stumble into a world of Valkyries, witches, curses, dragons, Gods and Goddesses. Meet the characters that are working to help them overcome the odds, and those who aren't. Afterall, it's important - their love has the power to break a curse, their truth has the power to defeat evil, and their Bloodlines have the power to change the world.


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