Lacking Humanity: Crescent Moon
Lacking Humanity: Crescent Moon
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[COMPLETED ON WATTPAD] BOOK ONE of the LACKING HUMANITY SERIES * * * For years these same four walls haunted this young she-wolf. Humans ran every aspect of her life since the day she arrived. Her cell is laced with silver. All overseen by a dark warden who hides behind a line of scientists who control and create torturous experiments to understand her kind. And to round it all out, a guard who thrives on taunting her. This has been her life for as long as she can remember. But one faithful day, Sage's unknowing prayers above had sent her a valent ally...Or two. Yet after escaping the clutches of such an unknown and dark force, is freedom really what she expected? Can she co-exist with her own kind after everything she's endured? Can she adapt and learn to have a sense of humanity? * * * Lacking Humanity: Crescent Moon (Book One) 150,000 to 160,000 words
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