Shadow Song - Cresthall Academy I
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‘Jagg souls sing when they find each other again, Taehyung. And those notes my friend...’ Yoongi breathed in. ‘I have been with you for almost twenty years now Taehyung, and that soul of yours has never sung in color before.’ Star-crossed lovers will meet again, love triangles will erupt, and old feuds will be reignited. It will be an interesting year at Cresthall Academy for the gifted. Sisters June, Moon, and Sookie Quasar are Supremes and daughters of the notorious Black Void. June still struggles with her best friend Seonghwa's betrayal, while trying to not let that new boy Yeonjun under her skin. Moona finds herself in a love triangle between Hyunjin and Minho while Sookie deals with feelings for her ex-boyfriend Han and the mysterious secret she carries with her. Meanwhile Jin, Jungkook and Taehyung try to teach their students the ways of Supreme Power, while battling the authorities and a demon Army of Agma’s who are trying to disrupt society as we know it. In this New America, the sisters have a hard time knowing who is friend and who is foe. Will they trust their instincts, or will they be influenced by their new love interests? Who have dark secrets of their own... --------- College Romance/fantasy story Adult themes Partly fan fiction


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