The Street Rat and The Alpha
The Street Rat and The Alpha
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In a world run by supernatural creatures, the strongest of them all finds himself mated to the weakest of creatures. Madeline spent her entire life running from those who ran her world, desperate to never become a slave to them. All it took was a hint of his mate's scent to start a search for her and he would not give up until she was in his arms. ~ Please be nice. Negative comments are horrible and hurtful, especially if you are the one receiving them. - Extract: "And you believe I would in the future?" She said turning onto her side, facing away from him. "Love look at me. Give me a chance." "No I won't. You have taken me prisoner." "I have taken you to where you belong." "As your slave?" "My slave? No you have it wrong my little human. You are mine. My beautiful mate." "Mate? What are you on about? That's how you justify taking me here and threatening me to make me do what you want. You may be the King but you are crazy."
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I write for fun and I hope you all enjoy it. When I am not writing I am usually drawing.