Bentley - Book One
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"You weren't supposed to see that, love." The man said, moving toward her with his hands outstretched as his partner lifted the body up on his shoulders and faced them both. "S-Stay away!" She squeaked, pulling out a small red container and pointing it at him. "Or I'll mace you!" "Hey, it's okay. I know you're scared, but this is all just a misunderstanding." He soothed, putting his arm out to stop his friend as the man growled lowly at the weapon in her hand and stepped forward. "There is no need for that, we can talk this over without threats." *** After the death of her mother, Eislyn Ward was moved to her grandmother's in a small town out in the middle of nowhere until her father got better from his condition. She thought she would spend the summer trying to get over her fears and explore her new surroundings, she didn't expect to go hiking one day and come across two strange men hanging around a dead body. She definitely didn't expect to find a large pack of werewolves waiting for her when she wandered into their territory either. A butterfly that won't leave her alone, a garden full of secrets, and a traitor in the pack spilling blood and ruining her good name. What a fun summer, don't you think?


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