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Apollo Lykaios is a ruthless Alpha. Of the stories I've heard of him, none has ended with a person alive to tell but rumors, they're less worse than what reality is. On the lunar eclipse ball like always, I silently kept to myself and observed others. I am a woman of few words and everyone knows but just one mistake. A glass of wine accidentally got spilled over Alpha Apollo and since that very night, I am being stalked by the merciless Alpha. He stays afar and looks at me. Wherever I go he is there like my shadow. Everyone is scared to talk to him and so am I. But while this Alpha looks at others as if their existence is an eyesore, he looks at me differently, and no, we're not mates because I am not a wolf born. But his gaze mists with fear, regret, hatred, and guilt each time he looks at me. I don't know if I should apologize to him for the spilled wine or for surprisingly having lewd fantasies about him fucking me day and night. It would've been fine if that's what it was, attraction, but out of the blue, he approached me after stalking me for months and claimed to know the secret I'd kept hidden since my birth. He growls a lot and calls me, Peach, and one rule I cannot go against or would've to face dire consequences. I must address him, Apple of my eye. What game is he playing?


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I write everything about twisted and dominant alpha males getting fixed by their powerful females. My writing has more romance, mystery, suspense, and thriller. With steam and new adult fiction. Mafia. Billionaire. Supernatural. Dark themes and lots of drama and spice. Angst, sexual tensions could as well be participating.