Vision | The Keepers of Astraela: #1
Vision | The Keepers of Astraela: #1
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Eva has a world inside her head: the land of Astraela, where Darkness and Corrupted beasts threaten eternal doom. Vivid dreams have given her four books as an up-and-coming author, but when undead fiends appear on Earth for a killing spree, she is caught in the crossfire between dreams and reality. These creatures shouldn't exist outside the pages of her books—and neither should Emrys, the fictional hero who slips in from the shadows to tell her that Astraela is facing its ultimate destruction. With the fate of her own world at risk, and her main character's life being drained by an age-old curse, Eva must choose between stepping up to the plate or watching every reality she's ever known crumble before her eyes. "Once Upon a Time" meets "Stranger Things" in this twisted tale of an author whose dreams become reality. AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON AND BARNES & NOBLE
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Sold my soul for coffee and chaos. • she/her • chaotic neutral • game master • • local necromancer • chronically ill • • adhd • permanently exhausted pigeon • __________ Heyo! My name is Wrenna, and I specialize in all things dark and creepy. I’m a published author who has been writing professionally for over a decade, and I’ve recently branched out into writing for a visual novel game. If you’re looking for a laugh while also being disturbed and ready to scream over cliffhangers, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to my dark corner of Lutionary.