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Moon I scream, the sound ripping right through my throat as I try to rid the pain from my chest. How sad. It is so heavy. So, restricting. So, crippling. I will be okay, I always am. My only goal is to remain safe and out of harms way. My only goal is to remain clear of him. Adonis I’ve been chanting these words to myself every day for most of my life, it seems to work, or maybe I am just delusional. I finally found her, my mate. I have been alive for thirty-eight years, thinking the moon goddess has forsaken me. I thought I was being punished for being so ruthless and vicious. But this is part of my nature, I am an alpha and it the need to protect and possess everything that’s mine is overwhelming. To kill anything or anyone that tries to challenge me. I am no human, I am an animal, and I won’t change that, not for anything, except for her. Will Moon let go and find solace within Adonis?
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