The Germaphobic Beta
The Germaphobic Beta
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Born with the curse of having to share his body and conscience with the worst possible companion, Idris struggles to control a part of himself that he can’t get rid of, no matter how much he tries. Enter his mind as he battles himself over control for his own life against his wolf, King. King is mighty and strong but a mother fucking jerk, and his only entertainment is to make his human’s clean and organised life a living hell. Who can Idris rely on when King’s recessive side of his mind is willingly throwing him into the worst possible situations and the other part would pull him away from experiencing life's simple pleasures, and ultimately keeps him from living? What would happen when King gets fed up with Idris, starts keeping secrets from him, and begins plotting behind his back?
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Eliyang is an independent and bilingual author of steamy adult romance and erotic novels. Readers have described her work as a roller coaster of emotions that makes them cling to their seats, and their hearts pound. Her stories are designed to make readers think and question themselves about life, morals, and values, among many other things, as well as make them feel all possible emotions with the characters in the story. Eliyang writes her books in English and then translates them into Spanish for the enjoyment of the Spanish-speaking community. Her goal is to publish all of her stories in both languages.