Hired To Kill
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Spencer Williams is a con artist with assassin tendencies, she is a con artist by day, hired assassin by night, but just as she is getting back into the groove of her luck, Spencer is sent into The McAllens' lair. Rafael McAllen is the head mafia boss of a large corporation and owns more than a quarter of the world, owning, running, and controlling establishments of every kind up and down the east and west coasts. Spencer is sent into the lion's den with her eyes firmly held shut and she opens them to find the boss and a just as cold and calculated mafia wife standing before her. Instead of hurting Spencer, Natalia Mcallen, the head boss's wife, gives her a choice. Spencer could become one of Rafaels' wives, live with them and join their life and adopt their lifestyle, or perish with the rest of the girls they didn't want, never to be seen or heard from the living again. How will this all unfold? What will Spencer do with the choices she is given? What will happen when Spencer goes a little too deep and begins to feel things that are on more than a physical level? How can you love two people at once, especially if they're married and ruling a large criminal organization?


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