The Assassin's Alpha
The Assassin's Alpha
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Banished from her kingdom for a wrong she did not commit, Kathleen at age seven becomes an expertly trained assassin, whose only intent is to exact revenge for her mother's death. Although the king who killed her is dead, Kathleen reasons that if she could be banished for her father's wrongdoing, then his heir could die for his wrongs--except that the king had none but one. Alpha Vincent, the king's cursed son is in charge of the kingdom now, but he's nothing like his father and only wishes for peace and to be alone. Will Kathleen fall for him, or will she take her revenge, once and for all? SHORT STORY
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Teenage writer of romance πŸ’–, drama 🎭, adventure πŸ€ΈπŸ»β€β™€οΈ, thriller πŸ“–, sci-fi 🌠, fantasy 🐲, horror 🩸, erotica πŸ’¦ and other πŸ“.