Crossing boundaries, Combining two worlds, Part 2 (Un-edited version).
Crossing boundaries, Combining two worlds, Part 2 (Un-edited version).
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This is the second part of the "Combining two worlds" series. After their homeworld was destroyed, the surviving Shri'Traccal returned to Earth. Only a small number of ships that survived the battle against the Xsaindi were able to return to the little blue planet, most of them so badly damaged, their leaders had no choice but to descend to the surface and claim certain parts for their own clans. Europe wasn’t one of the favorite places for them to set up new settlements, as the weather was too hot and dry or too cold and wet. One of the Tároc who did settle there was Tároc Latarji, a tall, domineering and egocentric brute, with his equally brutal clan.
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I am a (happily) married mother and try to maintain order in my hectic, teenage and dog filled life. Having ADHD myself, just like two of my children, a husband and another daughter with autism, and a very vivid imagination..., my life is never dull. Please note that English is not my first language, so the stories may contain some grammatical errors, but I will try to correct them as soon as I see them. My main goal is to write stories and take readers into a humorous, romantic, exciting and sometimes sad story. I know I'm not Stephen King, J.K. Rowling or Stieg Larsson, but I still hope you enjoy my fantasies. A review or message is always welcome. Lots of love Wendy