Tears of the Moon
Tears of the Moon
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A 15th century Moldavian warlord makes a deal with a goddess and sacrifices himself for his fallen army. Now after being reincarnated into modern times, he finally meets his mate. A commitment-phobe human girl who's traveled to Moldavia to stomp on grapes at a vineyard over the summer. Once he begins uncovering who he truly is and what was done, he realizes that he must choose between his mate's life, and breaking the lycan's dark curse. -EARLY CHAPTERS AVAILABLE WITH PATREON- ***WARNING*** This book is intended for 18+ readers. It contains explicit smutty sex scenes, mature language, violence, and gore.
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I like to mix romantic comedy with erotic horror to create weird and quirky paranormal stories, which I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I've enjoyed writing them. ❤︎ You can check out my patreon for early updates and other nifty things. :) ~Book statues~ •Unbinding the Demon: Complete/Unedited •Illuminating the Dark Prince: Ongoing/Unedited •Tears of the Moon: Ongoing/Unedited •Starfire and The Lich King: Coming soon •The Vampires' Mistress: Coming soon