The Initiate
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Updated with a new chapter 11-19-22 ! A young prodigy gets his village destroyed by an unknown force. He awakens and everyone and everything is gone. He must put the pieces together and find out what happened. Uncovering games of the gods this young prodigy who became a master cultivator must once more become an initiate. Artwork made with Midjourney AI. Big shout out to The Degen Crew on Discord. <3 This is just an early draft, spelling / grammar is probably going to be off. I want to work on writing it all and telling the story I want to tell before editing. The Prologue is a bit long, I understand that, I wasn't sure how to cut it down with getting everything done I wanted to get done. The usual length is going to be around 10 pages. During November I'll publish a chapter when I have a new chapter complete as long as I have a few chapters left to self publish, otherwise typically chapters will self publish every Saturday at 10am est. Thank you all for reading.


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Just a guy who has a wife and kid and trucks for a living with some writing in his spare time. Planning on uploading a chapter every week. If you like what you see, and want to help you can join my Patreon: I'll be posting anything I write as I write it there so you can keep up to date with Silas and James, and whatever else I end up writing.