Rejecting the Alpha
Rejecting the Alpha
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Kylie survived the massacre of her pack, only to discover her cold alpha mate was the one responsible for the brutal slaughter of her family and pack mates. She can't forgive, and she won't forget. Cooperating with his demands in order to deceive her mate, she searches for a way to free the remaining survivors and herself. Success teaches her how complicated mate bonds can be, and gives her the chance to choose her own fate. Mature due to violence, abuse, sexual content, dubious consent, miscarriage, and other possible adult themes. This story is dark and may be disturbing to some readers, but ultimately it is not the story of a victim falling for her victimizer. Not intended for the under 18 crowd. If you read this elsewhere first, this is copy is not only legit, it's also the newest and best expanded version.
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