Rise of The Fallen
Rise of The Fallen
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This is the story of Kora. After being Convicted of wrongful murder and exiled to the planet of xanadis alone to die, kora's lost all sense of trust for others and only knows how to rely on herself to survive. fighting tooth and nail, Kora struggles to survive alone against alien plants and man-eating monsters of all kinds. But just as she's run out of luck she meets a alien native that changes her life for the better. But all that bitterness and hatred she's dirtied her plate with isn't just going to be washed away by some big alien man's massive hands... Right? Recently Elazar has noticed something strange near his tribe's territory. Strange tracks and evidence of tools not made by any tribe he knows of. He is curious as to what could be lurking in the forests despite his tribe mates telling him to leave it be. One night he makes a discovery as he finds a strange being caught in one of his traps, injured, starved and on the brink of death. Elazar makes the choice to release the small being and nurture it back to health. He's heard many things about humans, many bad things. And although this small creature shares some similarities to the stories, there's also many differences. One of them being that this human was unlike any others...because this one was female... (book 3 of LTF series)
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