Psycho Mafias Serenity
Psycho Mafias Serenity
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Hi RedHearts, This is my first book, I always wanted to present my thoughts on a book.So here I am. There will be some disturbing scenes like extreme violence, abuse, strong language, little smut, if anyone are uncomfortable with this you can skip my book. Your feelings are more important. Description: Serenity a lovely and beautiful girl, not only outside but also inside. The girl who is joyful outside, bears unbearable pain inside. Serenity is waiting for her brothers arrival since many years, yearning for their love, their mischievous, their cute little fights. What will be the life of serenity after she meets her brothers? How her life is going to change? , For good or bad RODRIGO BROTHERS This surname is enough to send shivers to anyone. Three brothers holds power, psychoness, intimidating aura around them. They can make whole world upside down for HER. These brothers are not afraid of anything, don't care about anything, don't love anyone. BUT they are afraid of her cute glare, they only care for her with their lives, they only love her without any limit, THEIR SISTER, PSYCHO MAFIAS SERENITY. They are searching for their sister since many years, they are waiting to show their unlimited, obsessive love to their sister. What happens after they meet her?, Will they be able to protect her from this evil world? Let's get into the story to know about serenity life.
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