To Steal a Weeping Widow
To Steal a Weeping Widow
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"Art is to be seen, not touched." His breath curled next to my ear. "But I'd do anything to touch you." "Are you saying I'm art?" My heart knew no limit as it pulsed in my throat, right where his lips began to hover. "As beautiful as what hangs in the Louvre, and just as forbidden to touch." -------------------------------------------------------------- Someone stole the Weeping Widow. The priceless artwork is gone, ripped from its place on the wall and leaving only broken glass behind. The pride of Whitehill Museum and Art Gallery fell victim to heists in the night, and the museum is determined to find the painting and nail the culprit. He's been hired to protect Whitehill and keep the rest of the art safe. She's been labelled the main suspect after being found at the scene of the crime. Both with a job to do at the museum, and both determined to fix broken reputations. But the biggest question of all haunts the exhibits they roam: who stole the Weeping Widow? They painted her the villain. He's learning art is open for interpretation. *A stand-alone spinoff of "In Love and Diplomacy"*
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Hello! My name is Hallie. I'm not British but I used a username generator years ago when I was just going to be a reader on reading apps and it stuck! Twenty-something in college. I have two cats. Already (hopefully affectionately) dubbed a crazy cat lady by loved ones. Updates will be scheduled for Fridays. If anything changes, the readers will be the first to know!