Phoenix's Breeder
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"I know that this is what they want... but I need to touch you, to please you, to fuck you until every inch of your body is covered in sweat. Until I've filled your cunt with my cock and my seed. Until the only thing you remember is my name. You make me insane, Avalon. You are my breeder... and much more." Avalon is sent to a maximum alien prison and locked in with a powerful creature to be bred. But despite her bad luck, she will do anything it takes to escape and find her younger sister. Even though she's just a human, and this prison is highly protected by monsters. Even though she felt galactic desire for the creature they trapped her with. ✨🥵ALIEN X HUMAN EROTIC ADVENTURE🥵✨


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Writing makes me feel free. With it, I'm able to truly express myself in ways that I never could in the real world😁🤷🏾♀️