Xiol's Treasure
Xiol's Treasure
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I gasped as his well muscled arm grabbed me from behind. I could feel his every breath on my neck and as much as it scared me, it also excited me. “Why do you keep running from me?” His deep baritone voice whispered into my ears. “N…no. I… don’t run from you” I stuttered shutting my eyes so tightly. So suddenly he grabbed my voluptuous bosom. My eyes popped open with a vengeance. “My little mate, no running or hiding can keep you away from me” he chuckled with that deep voice of his and I unexpectedly found myself leaking with desire. In that moment I knew I was fucked... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hazel was use to the constant rejection, first with her mother and then with every other person.Rejection had turned into mockery as she became the oldest unmated female in the pack. Every mating fest she was never picked; one year turned to five and she had concluded sadly that she would die an unmated female. That was until she was unexpectedly claimed by the infamous Alpha Xiol.
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A sweet tooth shortie.... I write books for fun and just to put down my crazy imaginations somewhere but really, I am just a young lady who loves reading and getting lost in the world it creates.