Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Kali Dracino is a born-and-raised dragon tamer. There hasn't been a single dragon in the valley she couldn't handle. She never expected to have to tame a prince. Prince Camden Acker is finally of age to become a Dragon Prince. All he had to do was partake in his Rite of Passage and find a dragon worthy to be his partner. Nobody told him his guide would be a woman as fierce as the dragons she tamed. Can these two can settle their differences and fulfill their sworn duties--or will Camden's time run out and Kali repeat her ancestors' mistakes?
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Hey all! Here are a few things about me: 1) I have two black kitties, Ninja, who is 100% true to his name, and Baron, who's a tiny little guy with a whole lot of love to give. 2) My favourite music artist is Imagine Dragons 3) My favourite anime at the moment is Demon Slayer and Spy X Family 4) Favourite book. . .? I'll get back to you on that ;) 5) I LOVE the outdoors. Whenever I'm short on inspiration, I'll go for a walk to get some more. Now, about my writing, Ideally, I would love to get published; this app is an opportunity for me to share my work with others and to grow as an author. Any and all advice is welcomed! My main focuses are fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi, with a dollop of romance in every story. I have many series on the go right now, which I will be slowly releasing a chapter at a time. I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I do! Thank you for checking out my page! Don't forget to vote and leave a comment! :D