Crown of Blood
Crown of Blood
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Alessandra Lake, a human woman, is whisked away to the Supernatural Realm by Werewolf King Stephan Drake under the pretext that she is his soulmate. Frustrated with her life on Earth, she accepts and is subsequently crowned Luna Queen. A year later, on the eve of a cross-species political meeting, Lord Victor Dumitru, a vampire diplomat with aspirations for the throne, sees an opportunity in Alessandra to become King. And what better way to steal a crown when the beautiful Queen is his actual Beloved? With the Alpha King's untimely death three years later, he is quick to enact his rise to power. The ensuing chaos sends Alessandra and Victor on a whirlwind adventure filled with greedy Alphas, an ambitious Vampire King, and a plethora of secrets threatening to tear them apart. This is what happens when a Queen wears a bloody crown.
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What if I don't want to write what others like to read? 🤔 Type your answers to the question on my profile page. I'm a writer looking to get discovered... hopefully. When I'm not reading and writing, I crochet, knit, paint, draw, make sculptures from plasticine, and bake. I ALSO LOVE GAME OF THRONES SO MUCH!!! I own and run a crochet jewelry business on Etsy named ReginaFlorum (Queen of Flowers). Check it out if you'd like.