Give My Love to Rose
Give My Love to Rose
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Outlaw and all around bad guy Marston finds a dying man along the railroad tracks. His only plan is to take the mans nearby horse, gun, and whatever money he might have in his pockets, but the dying man's words gnaw at him. 'Give my love to Rose' the man had said and 'Tell my boy I'm proud of him'. Without knowing why, Marston feels the need to honor the dying man's wishes. The quest leads him to Harper, Louisianna. When he finds Rose, she is not what he expected and neither is the boy... Marston has spent his whole life hurting people and not caring. Will these people make him want to change? What will Rose say when she learns what kind of man he really is?
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Hello all! Writing lets me create other worlds and escape from the day to day. I have three great kids and a husband who inspires me to create the men in my stories! You can follow me on instagram if you want to see more of my daily life! though I'm a bit technologically challenged, I will do my best to interact there! My username is _conleyswifey_