A Beast's Tale
A Beast's Tale
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Rhodolite's Second Prince, Chevalier Michel lives up to his colorful monikers of the Brutal Beast and the Bloody Tiger. He has no time or patience for anyone or anything that stands in his way, and he certainly never gives any thought to something so foolish as emotions. Few question him. All fear him. Except for his new maid.
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I got my start in writing with collaborative fanfiction. Eventually, I started doing original stories. I have lucid dreams, and I got in the habit of telling myself stories before I fell asleep so I could try to direct the dreams. Most of my ideas come from those stories and dreams. Nothing I write is ever set in stone. I'm constantly editing and polishing. If something seems bare-bones and not up to par, don't worry, I'm working on it. I usually like to hammer out most of a story before I go back and dress it up with more details. Disclaimer: I am a Christian, and, although I don't shy away from mature themes, I don't read LGBTQIAP+ or explicit sexual content (with rare exceptions). My knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation all comes from my background growing up in the USA and using US English. Technicalities: I write in Google Docs using the free version of ProWritingAid as an editing tool, which I recommend highly. It has multiple English usages, too, so you can select the one that fits your country. Last words: Subscribe to my Substack for weekly updates about my writing, life, and other nonsense, check out my Carrd for all my writing profiles, and, if you're feeling generous, drop a tip at my Ko-fi. Thanks! https://katiegoesmew.substack.com/ https://ko-fi.com/katiegoesmew