HIS GOODPUCK CHARM : A dark hockey romance
HIS GOODPUCK CHARM : A dark hockey romance
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”Wash out," ”flopped," ”may never recover," ”disaster,” and ”failure" dominated the headlines and airwaves, painting a bleak picture of Luka Kuznetsov future in the sport after his injury. Luka, haunted by doubts and hindered clings to an unorthodox pre-game ritual - sex before every game - with his newfound Doctor. But what starts as a contract relationship quickly evolves into a captivating and forbidden connection that neither of them saw coming. When Ana Sheen, plagued by depression stemming from her father’s gambling addiction, mounting debts, and a string of misfortunes is offered a position as part of the medic staff for a renowned hockey team, she sees it as her ticket to a better future. Little does she know that accepting the job means becoming entangled in the enigmatic world of Luka Kuznetsov, the star player with a chilling reputation both on and off the ice. As their connection deepens, both Ana and Luka must confront their inner demons and make choices that will shape their futures. Will their family drama hinder their relationship Will they succumb to the forbidden allure that binds them, risking everything in the process? Or will they find the strength to navigate the treacherous path of love in the midst of their tumultuous lives?
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