The Story of You: Letters to My Daughters
The Story of You: Letters to My Daughters
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The efforts of others shape us in ways that most people can't imagine. For Siv, it all started with an old chest and a stack of yellowed documents she inherited from her grandmother. With each letter she translated, the story of her family dating back hundreds of years and spanning multiple continents and conflicts unraveled. The experiences of one generation to the next affect those who follow in unexpected and unimaginable ways. Sharing life's lessons, from joys to heartbreaks, in letters from mothers to daughters; there were more than just old letters than just old letters in this trunk. This was her story. This is the story of you.
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It has taken a long time to get to get the courage to share my stories, but here I am. I am half a world away from where I started, living my best life overlooking a Nordic fjord. I am an eclectic writer, easily inspired by the gossip exchanged over bottles of wine, spilled tea, and steaming cups of coffee. If you know, you know.