Risen | The Keepers of Astraela #2
Risen | The Keepers of Astraela #2
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From the ashes, we rise. The legendary Phoenix is reincarnated from his ashes every thousand years... or so the story goes. When Emrys wakes days after his death with bare memories, the vengeful deity responsible for his revival is his only guide to figuring out how—or why—he has returned. But months of training and sacrifice have made her motives clear: Defeat the goddess of death, and slaughter anyone who gets in his way. Meanwhile, three months have passed since the Barrier between realms was shattered, and a portal has merged Earth and Astraela as one. Otherworldly creatures have carved the once-average city of Havenwood into a shell of death and Corruption. Eva, Bobbi, and Mystia are the lone survivors of the supposed "end-of-days." With the death of their friend, an angry goddess fighting for control of Eva's body, and the looming threat of a Child of Darkness said to bring ruin upon the realms, they embark on a mission to protect what remains of their homes. But first, they must find their only chance of survival: the Phoenix... who isn't meant to be reborn for another thousand years. Fates intertwine, friendships are tested, and evil rings anew in this twisted tale of chaos and ruin, where nothing is quite as it seems.
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Sold my soul for coffee and chaos. • she/her • chaotic neutral • game master • • local necromancer • chronically ill • • adhd • permanently exhausted pigeon • __________ Heyo! My name is Wrenna, and I specialize in all things dark and creepy. I’m a published author who has been writing professionally for over a decade, and I’ve recently branched out into writing for a visual novel game. If you’re looking for a laugh while also being disturbed and ready to scream over cliffhangers, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to my dark corner of Lutionary.