His Desire
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People think of me as a rich snobbish bastard but their perspective about me never bothers me because they are all insignificant beings who abhor me not because of my personality but because they want to live my life and unfortunately, they can’t. Yet she was different, when we met for the first time, she kept with my obnoxious personality and endured my temperament till I came to adore her. And with time that adoration took the shape of love. But I never dared to tell her about my feelings thinking that my declaration might damage our friendship. Still, I hated the thought of any other guy approaching her, so I used all my means to keep them away from her. But then she left me, making my heart yearn for her presence. After a long time when I had learned to live without her, she came back into my life. She was in pain and I could see it in her eyes, and I was afraid that she would leave me again if I confess. But all changed when I saw her with my best friend. He had pulled her into a tight hug, patting her back reassuringly while kissing her forehead repeatedly. That day something changed in me, and I realized that she doesn’t deserve my love. Hence, I started to loathe her, torturing her in every possible way. But still, somewhere in my heart, I desired her. Note: It's a slow-burn story so things will progress steadily.


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