The Syfire's Seduction
The Syfire's Seduction
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Mary (Sophia) de la Reue swore after the sinking of the Titanic that she’d never love again. However, after receiving a second chance at life as an Aquarid, a type of Mer created when one sacrifices themselves to the waves, she’s not so sure that’s possible. Everywhere she goes, she sees him. Thomas. And every time, it turns out the same way. He’s a Syfire, the sworn enemy to the Aquarids. But still, someone desires for them to be together—permanently—and won’t stop until they succeed. One night while living in the Elemental Realm, Sophia encounters Andromeda, a witch who entices Sophia in an alluring dance of seduction and promises. Andromeda tells her she can let Sophia be with her true love once and for all…only if she joins the Syfires. The catch? If she refuses, she’ll make it impossible for them to be together. Now living under various aliases throughout the five realms, Sophia must navigate life on the run with her Mer coven, hoping she can find a way to finally be with Thomas. In a race against time itself, Sophia faces hard choices and tests to her loyalty in more ways than she could ever imagine. --- Available on Wattpad, Royal Road, and Lutionary
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I write whatever comes to my head because writing makes me happy. Mental health clinician by day, creator of chaotic love interests by night. Lover of romance. Fantasy? romance. Paranormal? romance. Romance? romance.