The Keys of Desire (Short story)
The Keys of Desire (Short story)
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When Colleen Davis invited me, Aurora Mitchell, to her party, there was no way I could decline! Eli Parker was back on the market. The stars had aligned, blessing me with an opportunity to finally reveal my feelings. Tonight I'm moving out of the friend-zone and into his bed. We all knew the rules of Colleen's "key party." Every single girl was paired with a guy for the evening. I have to select Eli's keys! I can't lose my virginity to just anyone. It has to be special. "How are you feeling?" Ezra asked. "I'm alright." Lie. "Really?" He furrowed his brows. "No. Alcohol is not my friend. I'm losing this battle against my nausea," I confessed. "This is exactly why you need to let me take you home. Speaking of, have you seen my keys? Colleen took them. They're not in the bowl. I can't find them anywhere." ...His keys? Ezra was participating tonight? My grip tightened on the key fob in my pocket. Suddenly an alarm sounded outside. I followed him as he sprinted through the side door. No, this seriously can't be happening, Not my brother's best friend turned enemy. Not Ezra-freakin'-Montgomery. With trembling fingers, I pressed a button, silencing his car. His devilish smirk returned. Crap. "Rory...." Ezra traced his tongue across his luscious bottom lip. He leaned in closer, and my heart stuttered. "Can I have my keys now?" He held his hand out. "Unless you want to keep them.
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Office worker by day and Urban Fantasy author by night, El Rivers, is manifesting her dreams one draft at a time. After ten years and a bit of a push from her extremely supportive husband, El rekindled her passion for storytelling during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In her two years of writing, she has amassed an astounding 1 million online reads on the social platform, Inkitt. She has captivated her readers, putting them through a gauntlet of emotions. Her novel, “Love Bites and Bruises,” rose to popularity in 2021. This decision led El to pursue her dream of publishing LBaB. The Georgia peach now finds serenity in the quiet Tennessee countryside with her husband, three children, and dog. She loves Nutella, sunflowers, crystals, and sweet tea. She loves Star Wars, DC, and Marvel, equally. Don’t ask her to choose; it’s impossible. When she’s not writing, you can find her cozying up with a good book, watching movies, playing video games, meditating beside her favorite Oak tree, or exploring all the edible plants growing in her yard. For more information, click below to stay up to date with her current projects.