Death Falls
Death Falls
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What human would take one look at the Reaper of Souls and smile? What human would ask Death if it liked her? What human woman embraced Death with tears in her eyes, begging him to never leave her? What human held my heart in the palm of her hand, slowly squeezing it and draining it of all its power all while making me enjoy every second of it? What human could make Death fall?
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Mia B. Smith writes for the dark-minded and dramatic all mixed with the hormones of a thousand intimacy-deprived bookworms. With characters who fall in love hard and want nothing but to be true to themselves and bring happiness to their morally grey lover(s), her stories weave all sorts of unique elements for reader excitement. Welcome to the dark and salacious that might suck you into a world you never knew you'd enjoy. Full stories on Amazon!