Love Rush
Love Rush
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Traumatised by life and grief-stricken, a young ex-soldier returns to his hometown hellbent on pursuing the woman he loves — a woman who is now someone else's fiancée. ••• When she was fourteen, Love Johnson wrote a letter to her best friend's older brother, Jonathan Evans. He was bound for the army then and she was left forgotten behind. Over the years, her letter became his lifeline, bringing him back from the tragedies of war which in return made him fall hard. Seven years later, Jonathan returns to his hometown to pursue her, except she is now engaged to another man. He is unwilling to give up and Love is reluctant to put her heart at stake for someone who erased himself from her life years ago. All Jonathan needs is a second chance. All Love wants is to protect a secret that holds lives in line. With fate attempting to tear them apart and passion bringing them closer, does Jonathan still have a chance to convince Love that he is worth the heartbeats she doesn't want to share?
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she/her • libra