Alpha's Little Mate | 18+
Alpha's Little Mate | 18+
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Annie Smith is a twenty-two year old librarian living in a small North Carolina town. She is desperately trying to piece her life together after an accident leaves her with no memories. Alone in the world she uses her tiny apartment and the vivid nightmares that haunt her to try to remember something, anything. Stumbling into a world she never expected, she has to use power she forgot she had and a man she can't help but trust to uncover the truth. She falls into the rabbit hole of her mysterious life, will she survive remembering Annie?
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Full-time snack hoe(aka mom), writer. Part-time music producer + graphic designer. If you like werewolves, aliens, fairies, vampires, witches or just boring plain humans in your smutty romance stories....I'm it. Below are all my works listed; or click on my website for the links. Follow me here or research me there, but I write mostly on the platform that rhymes with "think it" <3 **-published on Galatea (2020) The Other Side The Queen in Shadows** Remembering Annie [The Playlist series] 1-Fix You 2-Beloved 3-Cherry 4-A Warriors Heart (2021) Bound [The Fairytales series] 1-Captivated, Cursed** 2-Love You Anyway** 3-Finding Iris** 4-Sucker for You** 5-The Lost Girl** (2022) What's Done in the Dark pt.1** Will Come to Light pt. 2** Lewd & Lascivious Callisto Pink