Bad Blood
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Four hundreds ago, an elite Yautja hunter named Branrak was luered into a trap that cost him the life he had known. Due to the false statement of his clan brother, Kl'ahl, Branrak´s version of the event was written off, for he was the one who had the blood of the seven pups on his hands. Only because of his status of elite hunter, Branrak was granted to take his own life, but in order to uncover the truth, he fled and was given the status of Bad Blood. For years and years he tried to find a way to clear his name, but before Branrak had the opportunity to seize Kl'ahl and restore Branrak's honor, his advisairy was killed by humans. This was close to three hundred years ago. From that day on, Branrak lost all hope for his name to be cleared and started to act as the Bad blood they marked him to be.


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I'm a (happily) married mom, trying to maintain order in my hectic, teenaged and dog 🐶🐶 filled life. Having a very vivid imagination...🥰, live is never boring in my little kingdom!