In Love and Diplomacy
In Love and Diplomacy
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Reed Sterling is trained. Precise. Powerful. He's on the fast track to becoming well known in the private security business... until an ambitious, beautiful woman and her dog need protection. Suddenly, Reed Sterling isn't so prepared anymore. Ambition. Grit. Drive. Twenty-four year-old Avery Woodsen has clawed her way up the political ladder and is finally one step closer to her dream. One step closer to DC. Her time at the Attorney General's office has come to an end, and she is prepared to move up another rung. She has sacrificed everything for this. But when the newly retired ex-Attorney General is targeted, Avery finds herself in the crosshairs. Will the security team sent from Greystone Security be enough? Will the trained, handsome man forced to be her protective shadow be able to keep her away from danger? Or will her desire to move up in her career have too strong of a pull? Or is what's tugging her not her career at all, but Reed Sterling? Trust no one. Except him.
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Hello! My name is Hallie. I'm not British but I used a username generator years ago when I was just going to be a reader on reading apps and it stuck! Twenty-something in college. I have two cats. Already (hopefully affectionately) dubbed a crazy cat lady by loved ones. Updates will be scheduled for Fridays. If anything changes, the readers will be the first to know!