Deadly Mate - The mate finding spell business book 2
Deadly Mate - The mate finding spell business book 2
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Kojo is a hundred and forty-seven years old polar bear who, after attending his cousin’s wedding, decided to give his aunt’s spell a try to find his mate. He didn’t have many expectations, but surprisingly fate delivered him a mate beyond his wildest ideas. Iná was an almost five hundred years old witch who stopped in time, living in her dead tribe's land, isolated from the modern world and still practicing most of her tribe’s old traditions, when a massive beast of a man with a white spot of hair interrupts her peace and breaks through her barrier, invading her territory. Iná held deeply hidden secrets within herself, some that turned her deadly, though the truth was that she was cursed. Her deeply rooted fear of men led her to use black magic as a protective mechanism due to all she suffered at the hands of the white men. But what will happen when her deadly curse gets in the way and she has no way of lifting it? What will Iná do when she falls in love with Kojo and realizes that she will never be able to kiss Kojo without killing him? And when trouble knocks on Kojo's family's door? Will their bond be strong enough for them to be capable of standing tall against the enemy while standing beside Dima and Oksana? Only time can tell. Join those two on their adventure, and find out what happens next in, The mate finding spell business series. - To what some were imperfections, to Kojo, they were the utmost perfection, and what used to be a mere myth to Iná became reality when a man sent by the gods showed her that the human/shifter male kind could also be civilized and caring. -
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