Condemned - The Daemon Duology book 1
Condemned - The Daemon Duology book 1
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Tianna Tafala is slowly losing at life, with a struggling nursing career and a failing family ranch, she's as desperate as she is alone. But when she accidentally travels through a strange gate into a different world she has entirely new things to worry about. Mostly keeping the suspicions of the religious townsfolk at bay, and then there's the Daemon. A secondary race that shares the world. When they come through the little town and take slaves of the humans Tianna offers herself to save the only friend she has. Now, tasked with saving an infant that keeps getting worse, a frightening Daemon leader, and an unknown traitor, she must survive this new world...or she just might die trying.
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Well, what can I say?...I love to write, I love creating stories and pulling interesting characters out of my imagination. I love the possibilities that a fantasy world presents. As a child I was definitely a bookworm, lost for days at a time in this story or that. So that definitely sparked my drive to create, especially as I grew older and interested in romance novels, specifically. I began writing as a teenager, but finally completed a single book, The Dragon's Slave on Wattpad. I was amazed to realize that others actually liked what I had written and wanted more...and that was the beginning of my Author journey. And let me tell you, I've got more ideas and characters floating around in my head than I know what to do with. So much that I find I do not have time to play with them all. So be prepared for many, many stories to come.