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Nicolás Velez is done with casual sex. Listen, yes, he might've fucked everyone in his flat within the first week of living in halls and had a respectable run on Grindr, but what eighteen-year-old wouldn't? He's almost twenty-four now, though, and sleeping with people who won't remember his name five minutes later is, as his best mate would say, "not cute, baby girl". Problem: Nikki sucks at dating. In his defence, he really is trying his best. He even read dating advice to the eighth page of Google! (Would've read further too, but the suggestions started sounding more appropriate for the search "how to kidnap a woman?" so he reckoned it the time to quit.) Despite the effort, Nikki is about as successful on dates as Charlie Hides was on Drag Race: difficult to watch and definitely overstaying his welcome. Josephine Rawlins is all about casual sex. After the end of a seven-year relationship, Joe packs up the wreckage of her life in London and seeks new scenery in Manchester. Best way to get over someone is to get under someone new and Joe is ready for the slag phase she didn't have at uni. Problem: Every time someone makes flirtatious eye contact across a respectable distance of six yards, she freaks out. Solution: Practice together. Nicolás can help her bury her ex in physical pleasure and Josephine can teach him how to not come across as a serial murderer or the single parent to an angsty teen. And when they've both refined their skill sets, they'll be free to pursue their deeply incompatible goals with other people. Practice makes perfect, right? Unless Nicolás Velez is, simply, bad at love.
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