Courting Death (Book2, Eptaborromean Realms)
Courting Death (Book2, Eptaborromean Realms)
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Some women are so amazing in their own right that they draw admiration, desire, jealousy, lust, and even hatred from those around them. A Goddess is meant to be treasured above all others. Those unworthy suitors hoping to win her heart are simply courting death.
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From an early age, I was a story teller. To hear my family tell it, I would scare myself I was so good. It has taken a long time to get back to my favorite past time, but here I am telling stories. I am half a world away from where I started, living my best life overlooking a Nordic fjord. I am an eclectic writer, easily inspired by the gossip exchanged over bottles of wine, spilled tea, and steaming cups of coffee. If you know, you know.