Seduced By Mrs. Ivanov (COMPLETE)
Seduced By Mrs. Ivanov (COMPLETE)
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"Give one good reason why I shouldn't kill you, Jediah." "Because I'll serve you, Mrs. Ivanov. I'll do whatever it takes to please you." Sage Ivanov is classy and exquisitely beautiful. This woman holds pose, power, and control in her bare hands, and she emanates it in every aspect of her life. She intimidates him, overpowers him, manipulates him... she seduces him. Despite the violence, chaos, the constant threat of death, and the ring that chains her finger-How could he not satisfy her needs? How could he not submit to her every desire? How could he not fall for her? 🗡🔞🇯🇲DOMINANT FEMALE X SUBMISSIVE MALE MAFIA STORY🗡🔞🇯🇲
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🇯🇲JAMAICAN AUTHOR🇯🇲 An introverted rainbow with a splash of thunderclouds 🌈⛱️⛈️ Most of my inspiration comes from my dreams, mixed with my twisted way of thinking and a need to control these fantasies. #everywriterever😅 I AM THE QUEEN OF MINI WORLDS👸🏾 But anyways, I hope you like what I have created😃