Galactic Destiny
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"For Centuries, I've thought of nothing but returning home to my life. That desire has torn me apart and turned me into someone I no longer recognize-insufferable, inflexible, and a downright asshole. But then you came crashing into the black hole that shields me, and in the time you've been here, you've annoyed me, irritated me... and tempt me beyond my obsession with escaping this galaxy. Celeste, you scare me... because I think you've come here to change my destiny." Celeste has managed to outsmart the Council and several other aliens that wanted nothing but a lifetime of suffering and a prideless death. She's done this for a year, all while trying to find a way to rescue her older sister, who sacrificed herself so that she may be free. But when she's backed into a corner with no escape, she has to make a choice-surrender or try to maneuver her way through the unforgiving destroyer that is a black hole. She tries her luck with the latter, expecting to be ripped apart if she did not survive. The human woman did not expect to end up in a rift between the great void, unable to escape without the help of the insufferably attractive alien that resided in the nothingness. ⚫🥵ALIEN X HUMAN EROTIC ADVENTURE🥵⚫ Book Two of the 'GalacticLove' Series [CAN BE DONE AS A STAND-ALONE, HOWEVER, I DO RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THE FIRST BOOK, GALACTIC DESIRE.]


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🇯🇲JAMAICAN AUTHOR🇯🇲 An introverted rainbow with a splash of thunderclouds 🌈⛱️⛈️ Most of my inspiration comes from my dreams, mixed with my twisted way of thinking and a need to control these fantasies. #everywriterever😅 I AM THE QUEEN OF MINI WORLDS👸🏾 But anyways, I hope you like what I have created😃