To Steal A Nightingale
To Steal A Nightingale
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š‡ššššžšØš§ š‚š«š®š±, a business man to some, a š“­š“®š“暝“²š“µ to many. šƒšššœš¢ššš§šš ššØš«š­šžš«, a š“¼š“²š“»š“®š“· on land with a soft smile and sharp tongue. Hadeon is a š“¶š“Ŗš“· š“øš“Æ š“Ŗš“¬š“½š“²š“øš“·, he likes, he wants it and nobody can get in his way of getting it. So when the little bird with a pretty tune is in his reach but he just can't grasp it. He'll do what he can get capture it nicely until patience runs out. Daciana is a fan of š“Æš“»š“®š“®š“­š“øš“¶ and pretty things, nothing can make her give it up. Not a man or all the shiny rocks in the world is worth her š“Æš“»š“®š“®š“­š“øš“¶. So when being captured, the bird doesn't sing, it fights
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